Book discounts for authors & editors

Book authors, editors and chapter authors are entitled to order Springer books — print and electronic versions — at a generous discount. The quantity of books ordered must be in the normal range for private use. Resale is not permitted.

At the end of the book production process book authors receive either

  • an e-mail that includes their log in details for their personal MySpringer account. You are registered as an author and will receive your discount automatically when ordering online through MySpringer.
  • or an e-mail that includes the personal SpringerToken¹ (together with instructions how to use it).

If you did not receive one of these e-mails for any reason, you can alternatively request the author discount (SpringerToken) via the request form below. The time between submitting the request and receiving the token should generally not take longer than two working days.

¹) SpringerToken for authors: personal discount that can be used by one person only. It is valid for a lifetime. Just enter it with your first book order. For any further online book orders your author discount will apply automatically.

Ordering books with a discount (SpringerToken)

The SpringerToken is only needed for your first order of Springer books (print and electronic versions). It is valid for a lifetime. For any further online orders you will automatically receive your author discount.

Further ordering information

  • Payment methods
    You may choose between credit card or invoice (options might depend on the delivery country).
  • Shipping times
    Shipping times are mentioned on each book's homepage on and on your specific order confirmation.
  • Tax charges
    Tax is charged according to the delivery country. It is possible to enter a tax free code during the ordering process or on you user profile page (My Springer).