Author services, Issue 15 November 2013

Introducing Papers 3 – A revolutionary new workflow

Research comes before discovery, and discovery leads to innovation. Innovative research starts with a solid, efficient workflow. This is exactly where Papers comes in. Since the very first release of Papers over 6 years ago, it has revolutionized research workflows of many professionals across different disciplines. Since then, we strive to continue innovating.

Workflows can change. Papers changes with them.

What worked well in your research workflow ten years ago, might no longer be as relevant today. Papers 3 for Mac and iPhone & iPad introduces a completely new workflow solution. Many of the features familiar to Papers are just where you expected them, and some have moved around to streamline the user experience. Many new features have also been added. This new experience is coupled with a brand new user interface; very much in tune with the direction Apple is taking in application design.

When creating Papers 3 the goal was to simplify and streamline your workflow even further. The main difference with Papers 2 is the division of tasks into separate viewing “modes”. For example, when in Papers 2 the left-handed source list could become crowded with many features and collections, in Papers 3 only the features relevant to any particular task are presented in the left handed panel. This means that when you are searching, you are not presented with a list of your collections. And while you are reading you are presented with just the article and the inspector window containing meta-data, supplements, notes, and relevant articles based on what you are reading. Now you can focus on your reading, without any distractions.

One of the most exciting new functions in Papers 3 is fully supported sync across all devices, including Papers for Windows. Now you can start reading an article on your Mac, take your iPad on the train and annotate the article while you read, then get to your PC and see all the annotations you made while on the road. The same of course also sync back to your Mac. Sync is supported using DropBox, and the entire synchronization machinery has been custom built for Papers 3. This means that you can leave your computers running Papers, and each of them will sync the latest changes to your library*. We wanted to take the thinking out of syncing, and now this feature is more powerful than ever, but also less noticeable: It just works.

Papers 3 doesn’t just take the thinking out of syncing, the theme behind the Papers 3 development is simplification of the research workflow. This is translated to a very powerful, brand new, way of sourcing metadata. Papers 3 is able to extract metadata from almost any article. To simplify your research life further, PDFs are now automatically downloaded when importing an article to your library. This, as well as the improved metadata extraction, has been a much-requested feature. Papers 3 incorporates many more frequently requested features, in a brand new, uncluttered user interface. The best way to discover everything about Papers 3 is to download a free 30-day trial. Using a PC? Papers for Windows is due for a major update in 2014!

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*NB: when using DropBox we cannot, at this time, support automatic renaming and reorganizing of articles to protect the integrity of your data while syncing. This feature is fully supported when not using DropBox, and we are looking for ways to support it with sync as well.