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For Authors

Adis is an independent and reputable publisher with a large international readership of healthcare practitioners, researchers and decision makers with an interest in drugs and related areas, including drug delivery mechanisms and diagnostic interventions. Adis offers expert guidance and personalized support, and your published work will be highly discoverable on Springer Nature's global content platforms. The reputation of our journals and our author-friendly processes mean that many authors repeatedly return to our journals when seeking a publication vehicle for their work.

Benefits of publishing with Adis

We understand the needs of authors and researchers involved in drug development, and we offer a rapid and responsive personal service to ensure the right home for all scientifically sound content.

Reputable publisher

Adis has more than 40 years’ experience in publishing medical journals with a reputation for excellence

Article discoverability

  • Most Adis journals are PubMed- or Medline-indexed, and all offer open access publishing options
  • Adis content benefits from the superior search engine optimization and semantic linking afforded by Springer Nature's global content platforms

Large and global readership

  • Adis journals are available via Springer Nature subscriptions to thousands of institutions worldwide
  • Open access content is available to anyone in the world, also on the Springer Nature platform
  • Readership comprises healthcare practitioners, researchers and decision makers with an interest in drugs or other therapeutic / diagnostic interventions and healthcare outcomes

Timely publication

Flexible publishing options

  • All articles are published with a bulleted summary to encourage access to a wider readership
  • All Adis subscription titles offer open access publication at the author’s choice, and we offer a fully open access portfolio of 13 titles covering many therapeutic areas
  • Submissions of positive, negative and confirmatory studies welcomed

Personalized author support

  • Pre-submission inquiries are welcomed and expert editorial assistance will be provided throughout the publication process
  • Cascading peer review encouraged – our Editors are happy to discuss a manuscript and identify the perfect vehicle for any scientifically sound article
  • A wealth of resources are available on including manuscript guidelines, journal selection tools and AuthorZone

Independent and unbiased

  • All submissions are subject to a thorough editorial process to ensure that all Adis-published content is scientifically sound and relevant to our readers. Our editorial boards comprise globally recognised experts in relevant fields. Read more about this process here.
  • Adis endorses ICMJE / WAME/ COPE guidelines and codes of conduct for journal Editors, and encourages authors of sponsored research to comply with Good Publication Practice (GPP). All submissions are subject to peer review.
Digital Features

Adis journals offer the option of publishing digital features (including animated abstracts, video abstracts, slide decks, audio slides, instructional videos, infographics, podcasts and animations) with articles; these are designed to increase the visibility, readership and educational value of articles. Digital features are peer-reviewed to the same high standard as the article itself, and can be submitted with the article, after acceptance or after publication (a fee applies to those submitted in the latter two instances, to cover additional editorial processing). While authors are welcome to submit their own digital features for publication alongside the submitted article, Adis can assist in creating these on behalf of the authors. Please click here to access our ‘Guidelines for digital features and plain language summaries’. If you require further information, please contact our Digital Publishing Manager via

Plain Language Summaries

Plain language summaries (PLS) can be published with any article; these aim to assist readers who have some knowledge of, but not in-depth expertise in, the article content to further understand its importance and clinical relevance. PLS can be text-based or digital (graphical, animated, etc.). PLS are peer reviewed to the same high standard as the article itself, and can be submitted with the article, after acceptance or after publication (a fee applies to those submitted in the latter two instances, to cover additional editorial processing). Please click here to access our ‘Guidelines for digital features and plain language summaries'. If you require further information, please contact our Digital Publishing Manager via

Adis Premier Journals

An exceptional portfolio of internationally peer-reviewed journals focusing on definitive reviews and original research in biomedical and pharmaceutical sciences. Adis Premier Journals are essential reading for healthcare specialists and researchers with a focus on drugs, devices and other interventions. The journals command a large global readership, high impact factors. Adis Premier Journals offer competitive publication timelines, Springer Nature electronic supplementary information, Springer OpenChoice or open access options, and accelerated publication by prior arrangement.

Key features

  • Premier journals provide peer review in 4-6 weeks and bring your article from acceptance to publication in 3-4 weeks
  • Adis VIP Service available, designed to bring your article from submission to publication in just 30 days
  • Many of our journals are leaders in their respective fields, including DrugsPharmacoEconomics, Clinical Pharmacokinetics and Drug Safety
  • Our journal Editors provide expert presubmission technical feedback on all manuscripts to ensure you target the most suitable journal for your work
  • Full range of electronic supplementary information can be linked to each article to accommodate information that is important but not essential to the article.
  • Springer OpenChoice and open access options ensure increased visibility. Your article is freely available online.
Adis Rapid+ Journals

A unique portfolio of internationally peer-reviewed, therapy-area focused journals covering drugs, devices and other therapeutic or diagnostic interventions. Adis Rapid+ Journals are dedicated to rapid and open access publication of clinically relevant research, accepting original research, reviews, trial protocols and short communications including letters. Adis Rapid+ Journals offer highly competitive publication timelines.

Key features

  • The Rapid+ service ensures peer review of 2 weeks, and 3-4 weeks from acceptance to publication.
  • Bulleted summary points: Included within every article online for a concise overview of the data.
  • Inclusivity: All scientifically sound research considered, be it positive, confirmatory or negative data, whether international or region-specific
  • Personal service for all authors: Our team can style and submit a manuscript on the authors' behalf. All manuscripts are assigned a personal contact on submission to ensure a timely, personalized and responsive service. Post publication, authors are given social media guidance to maximise the impact of their work.
  • Open access opportunities: This ensures increased visibility. Your article is freely available to everyone, everywhere.
Publication timelines

Adis VIP Service

Submission to publication in 30 days

Submission to first decision in 15 days (guaranteed). Submission to publication in as little as 30 days*.

The Adis VIP Service is available for manuscripts submitted to Adis Premier Journals and offers accelerated publication by prior arrangement**. Our in-house Adis VIP Service staff will escort you through each step, providing full support to guide your article from submission to publication. You can learn more about the journals offering this service here.

Key features

Pre-submission assessment: confirms suitability for the target journal and then develops a customised publication timeline for your article.
Accelerated publication: 30 days from submission to publication. This includes:

  • First decision given in 15 days. Additional resources allocated to expedite in-house processes
  • 1 week for authors to respond to peer review comments
  • 24 hours for other required author tasks such as review of page proofs
  • If requested, DOI assigned within 48 hours of the paper being accepted for publication

Rigorous peer review: the Adis VIP Service provides the same rigorous peer review as is conducted for papers submitted via the standard Adis Premier Journal pathway†.

Personal service for authors: personal Adis VIP Service support from a dedicated journal staff member is provided at every step. 

Priority publication: the accepted article will be given priority and published in next issue of the journal.

Open access opportunities: for hybrid Adis Premier Journals, you are able to select open access publication of your article via the Springer Open Choice system, to make your article freely available to a global audience.

For further details about the Adis VIP Service, please contact Caroline Herdson at or Niamh Clarke at

* Online publication can be achieved in as little as 30 days, depending on the timely and adequate revision of the draft manuscript. 

** A processing fee of €15,000, US $16,500 applies to all papers published using the Adis VIP Service.

† Standard journal process times (no processing fee): peer review 4 - 6 weeks, acceptance to online publication ~3 weeks. 

Adis Premier Journals

The Adis Premier journals offer competitive publication timelines, bringing your paper from submission to online publication in as little as 7 weeks. Peer review turnaround is 4-6 weeks and acceptance to online publication in 3-4 weeks. You can learn more about our Premier journals here.

Adis Rapid+ Journals

The Adis Rapid+ journals offer publication in 4-6 weeks, with a peer review turnaround within 2 weeks and acceptance to online publication in 3-4 weeks. Our rapid turnaround times are not at the expense of a thorough peer review, but rather a compressed in-house production time post review. Our compressed timelines are aided by our author concierge service, with a dedicated personal contact assigned to each paper. You can learn more about our Rapid+ journals here.