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Springer offers you authoritative literature on physical and human geography, including landscape and urban planning, GIS, remote sensing and much more. Our publications appeal to geography students and teachers as well as to scientists and industry professionals. They include the Journal of Geographical Sciences, several encyclopedias, the Springer Handbook of Geographic Information and more.


Cultural Geography

Our Springer publications on cultural geography examine the interaction between man/society and landscape/environment. With a special focus on Latin America, but also covering all regions of the world, our authors examine how cultures and societies developed out of their local landscapes, and how they transformed these landscapes. In this context, we would particularly like to recommend the journal Geoheritage and the book series Geoheritage, Geoparks and Geotourism.

Economic Geography

Our books and journals on economic geography examine the social science aspects of geography. They explain the economic areas of the earth's surface on the basis of their economic structures as well as their processes and modes of operation. Hence, the authors of our books focus their research on companies and businesses as well as on regional and economic aspects and the intersection of both. Our book series Economic Geography or the scientific journal GeoJournal are particularly recommendable.

Human Geography

Physical Geography

Springer's books and journals on physical geography focus on the Earth's atmosphere, i.e. the geosphere. In addition to dealing with the five spheres that correspond to the geo-factors climate, water, soil, rocks and vegetation, physical geography also strives for a holistic view of the geosphere. Our books and journals describe, for example, the structure of effects of geo- and biofactors, the material and energy balance of landscapes, the consequences of human intervention and the possibilities of responsible landscape design. Our publications include the book series Geography of the Physical Environment and World Geomorphological Landscapes.

Urban Geography

Our books and journals on urban geography explore the densification of spatially effective activities and social processes in cities. They show that production and service locations, global financial flows, social debates and conflicts or cultural innovations are particularly concentrated in cities. With titles such as The Urban Book Series, the series Urban Landscapes and Perspectives and the open access journal City, Territory and Architecture, you will discover the central role of cities in the production and re-figuration of sociospatial issues in a globalized world. 

We invite you to visit our Urban Studies portal.

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