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Advances in Industrial Control

Advances in Industrial Control

Series Editors: Grimble, Michael J., Johnson, Michael A

ISSN: 1430-9491

Advances in Industrial Control is a series of monographs and contributed titles focusing on the applications of advanced and novel control methods within applied settings. This series hasĀ  worldwide distribution to engineers, researchers and libraries.

The series promotes the exchange of information between academia and industry, to which end the books all demonstrate some theoretical aspect of an advanced or new control method and show how it can be applied either in a pilot plant or in some real industrial situation. The books are distinguished by the combination of the type of theory used and the type of application exemplified. Note that "industrial" here has a very broad interpretation; it applies not merely to the processes employed in industrial plants but to systems such as avionics and automotive brakes and drivetrain. This series complements the theoretical and more mathematical approach of Communications and Control Engineering.

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