Clinical Trials Insight

The New Standard in Rapid Evaluation of Clinical Trial Evidence

Clinical Trial Insight gives you unique access into the past, present, and future of drug-based clinical studies. Our database allows you to monitor the progress of global clinical trials as they are planned, recruited and conducted, and provides rapid digest summaries of best-evidence study results as they are presented or published.

Guiding Strategic Decisions

  • Identify clinical trials impacting your business
  • Evaluate key study messages emerging from clinical studies
  • Discover trials reporting new and important clinical evidence
  • Assess the progress of competitor studies
  • Uncover clinical evidence presented at recent meetings
  • Map out where clinical trials are being conducted

Clinical Trials Insight Delivers:

  • A comprehensive collection of clinical trial information updated daily from studies presented at the top clinical meetings, significant publications in the leading medical journals, posted on international internet trial registry websites, and information from media releases.
  • Trial Profile documents that provide a detailed review of each clinical study including key dates, status, phase, design, location, patient segment, endpoints, subject characteristics, treatments, and results as well as a timeline of key trial events and links to original source material.
  • Best Evidence results documents that present a summary of study findings in terms of efficacy, tolerability, and adverse events for randomized controlled trials.
  • The ability to locate quickly the precise trials you wish to evaluate, and to search via detailed search functions which allow you to drill deep into the study data and retrieve only the most relevant clinical evidence.
  • At-a-glance understanding of study results, messages, endpoints, design and phase, as well as investigator data, sponsor information, and subject inclusion/exclusion criteria using the extensive charting tools integrated into the product.


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