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Adis – a premier collection of drug-focused medical journals and newsletters

Adis is a reputable and independent publisher with a portfolio of over 30 medical journals and newsletters. We offer unique and valued content to our readers, and a variety of options and services for those seeking to publish research on drugs or other related areas, including other therapeutic or diagnostic interventions.

Why choose Adis journals?

Reputable and independent

  • Our thorough peer-review process ensures all Adis content is unbiased and scientifically accurate
  • We have more than 40 years’ experience publishing medical journals and a reputation for excellence
  • The content we publish is highly used and cited, which is reflected in the high Impact Factors held by many of our journals

Valuable and unique content

  • Our expert editors anticipate important topics and invite relevant content from thought leaders across the globe
  • Adis Drug Reviews  – our unique series of definitive, independent reviews of drugs written by a specially trained in-house team
  • Enhanced Features offered by our Adis Rapid+ titles include slide sets, animations, podcasts, videos and interactive studies.

What our customers say:

“Rigorous scientific approach, highly relevant articles, well written and of interest to multiple disciplines”

“The promise of a two-week review process was a big draw for us. Thanks very much for the high level of personal communication”

“Exciting topics and well described studies”

“Provides cutting edge, useful information that can be immediately applied to clinical practice”

“Highest level of credibility”

Why choose Adis newsletters?

Adis brings the same reputation for independence and thoroughness to the preparation of two specialist newsletters, to keep you informed of latest developments in the fields of Drug Safety and Pharmacoeconomics & Outcomes Research.

Our team systematically monitors all journals indexed in two large bibliographic databases (around 8,000 titles) and their companion supplements, as well as the proceedings from hundreds of scientific meetings, media releases, regulatory agency websites and pharmaceutical company websites to identify news items. Our Editors then produce concise, easy-to-read summaries of each item with links through to the original source.