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Welcome to our Water Program

Water is one of the most important assets we have, and its quality and sustainable use are increasingly becoming a global responsibility. In response to the need for a reliable source of information on water research, Springer’s new and interdisciplinary Water program provides scientific and professional water communities throughout the world with superior specialist information on all aspects of water-related research.


This collection comprises publications on all topics related to water as a resource, its utilization, and its relevance for humankind.
Topics covered are for example the movement, distribution and quality of freshwater; water resources; the quality and pollution of water and its influence on health; the water industry including drinking water, wastewater, and desalination services and technologies; as well as water management and the governmental, political, developmental, and ethical aspects of water.
All these topics are represented by our four Water subdisciplines:


Our Water program addresses scientists in academia and industry, at governmental research institutions and national laboratories, as well as politicians, stakeholders and practitioners, all of whom will profit from this broad collection.


We would like to hereby invite you to contribute to and benefit from Springer’s comprehensive Water program – your first choice for water publications!
If you have any questions or proposals, please feel free to contact us at any time.