Online book review copies - in a nutshell

If you are an editor, book reviewer or journalist, or on the editorial staff of a magazine or journal, then you are in the right place. Reviewers such as yourself can freely access more than 25,000 Springer books for review purposes.

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Access & reserve copies

The review copy process starts on our book product pages. Clicking either the link "Access an Online Book Review Copy" or "Reserve an Online Book Review Copy" will initiate the online review copy process.

Send us your reviews

When you have finished your book review and would like to send it to us, you can go to your account, where you will find an option to directly upload your published book review.

Get "Thank You" copies

After uploading your book review via your account, Springer will verify if the review was published and in which media. Once confirmed, you will receive an email with a direct link to order your "Thank-You" copy for free.

Manage your review copies

Your account provides you with a clear overview of all your online review copy activities.
You will find an overview of all the books in your list, with options to upload a book review, to contact the review department, or to download a high-resolution cover.