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SpringerLink is Springer’s comprehensive online delivery platform, providing easy access to millions of STM resources.

  • Publishing the world’s leading scholars
  • Including books, journals, reference works, protocols and databases
  • Accessible on the fastest, most versatile research platform we’ve ever developed

SpringerLink overview

Streamlined search and relevant results

SpringerLink provides accurate search results in seconds and makes it easy to refine these results. The platform helps to ensure comprehensive knowledge of the latest developments by linking through to related documents.

To speed up their day-to-day research, users can:

  • Use auto suggest for search terms
  • Download content directly from the search results
  • Look Inside - read a two-page preview directly from the search results
  • Use filters to make search results even more accurate

Library Management System Integration

SpringerLink integrates seamlessly with local library systems and OPAC’s to become an essential part of existing systems and workflows.

Flexible Access

SpringerLink is instantly available from any location and on virtually any device, providing researchers with constant access to the latest research. And access can be enabled via IP identification, username and password and through Athens or Shibboleth authentication.


SpringerAlerts is the free, convenient alert service that lets researchers and librarians choose publication alerts based on subject and publication details. 

Purchasing and Licensing

SpringerLink is available to academic institutions, governments and corporations and is purchased by small colleges on a single site to global organizations with multiple locations. Tailored licensing options are available and based on research intensity and the number of patrons. 

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