Society & Partner Zone Issue 12

The New SpringerLink is Here!

Upgraded Springer site connects eBooks and journals through semantic linking and provides digital content previews.

Features and Benefits

Springer has relaunched its online platform SpringerLink, which hosts nearly five million documents, including eBooks, journals and reference works. The redesigned site has a new and fresh concept that includes semantic linking and connects related content across eBooks and journals.

SpringerLink now also contains a PDF Preview feature that provides all readers with a free look inside eBook chapters to be certain that the content matches their information needs. Subscribers not only have access to an instant overview of the entire eBook, they can also scroll and browse within different chapters of the book and can immediately download the desired content.

The redesigned site includes newly-integrated software that presents links to related content within journal articles and eBook chapters. When users perform a search, the technology analyzes each search result and compares its digital fingerprint to all other documents. This determines which documents are most similar to that article or chapter, ensuring that readers discover content that best meets their research needs.

Additional updates to the new SpringerLink include access to nearly five million contributions organized in a revised subject hierarchy. Enhanced browsing features and improved search functionality with the ability to search by citation makes the new SpringerLink even more useful for researchers. Online journals, eBooks and eReference works have also been integrated onto a single, consistent user experience. Together with an enhanced user-friendly guided navigation, students and scientists can easily retrieve results for their work.

Ongoing Upgrades

In August the new SpringerLink platform was successfully launched. While the new site is now fully live, there will be continuous debugging and enhancements added in the coming months. These include the language interface translations and downloadable lists. There will also be additional updates to the eReferences and ongoing upgrades to increase the performance and speed of the site.

We trust that you will enjoy using the new platform and will find it intuitive to use.

Membership Access and Personalization

Society members can gain access to content by following a referrer from their society website or portal, or log on directly with their individual associated username and password. If a member has an associated username and password they can take advantage of the personalization features in the MySpringerLink area, such as favorites, management of alerts, saved items and folders.

If the society logo has been provided to Springer, the logo will appear in the recognition panel when a society member is logged in through their affiliation.

Logos can be submitted to in the following formats: .png, .gif or .jpg.

Maximum 600 x 600 pixels, but the images are resized to ultimately fit in a window 216 pixels wide by 54 pixels high.


A new series of SpringerLink training webinars are currently taking place. Also available online are pre-recorded training sessions in Spanish and German. We are working to expand this collection to include pre-recorded trainings in English, French and Italian. If you have other training needs, please contact your Springer publishing editor.

SpringerLink Training


Should you have any questions, we have two teams to best service your needs.

For any issues related to access or accounts, please contact

For any issues related to functionality and development, please contact

The new SpringerLink platform was successfully launched in August, and has many new features and benefits.