Marketing, Society & Partner Zone Issue 12

Society Websites…Powered by Springer

Did you know that Springer helps societies with their online presence? Springer has considerable experience with web sites, portals and site promotion. See for yourself how societies can put this expertise to work.

Many readers don’t realize that in addition to journal publishing partnerships, Springer helps societies create web sites. We have extensive experience with web sites and portals, and can help with every step of site creation, from choosing a host, to design to content.

Societies profit thanks to Springer’s worldwide experience with websites and eCommunication.

Here’s a look at a site that Springer recently created on behalf of a Society Partner. The Society of Population Ecology, which is based in Japan now has its own domain and website.

Take a closer look:

“We very much like the new society web site. The design is elegant and the administration tool is easy to use.”

Dr.Takashi Saitoh, Hokkaido University, Japan

Chief Editor, Population Ecology

Of course Springer has a long history of building and promoting web sites, portals and more. These include our own online platforms and, and portals such as or (int_link

The look and the feel of the new Society of Population Ecology website is based on the design of the Society’s journal and of course incorporates the logo of the Society. Springer partnered with Astute Technology, to create the site.

Springer coordinated all the steps on behalf of the Society, from purchasing the URL, planning the content, writing the copy, finalising the design as needed at the Society’s request, , and arranging training for Society staffers. For pages that need frequent updates, Astute provides an easy administration tool and training, and updating is done by the Society Journal’s Editorial Assistant. This way the content can be kept up-to-date by the Society directly.

Drawing on our expertise and contacts, Springer can help you and your society create a site, or help put you in touch with an implementation partner.