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  • P_Lori_Holland_128x171px

    Lori Holland

    Editorial Director
    Medicine and Life Sciences Journals Current Reports (all disciplines)

    Springer Nature Philadelphia
    Tel.: +1 (267) 321-1705

  • Gabriel Schroeder

    Gabriele Schröder

    Editorial Director
    Editorial Director Medicine and Life Sciences Journals (Anesthesiology, Cardiology, Dentistry, Gastroenterology, Geriatrics/Gerontology, Imaging/Radiology, Intensive/Critical Care Medicine, Neurosurgery, Orthopedics, Otorhinolaryngology, Pathology, Pediatrics, Sports Medicine, Surgery, Urology)

    Springer Nature Heidelberg
    Tel.: +49 6221 487 8212

  • jacco2018_3

    Jacco Flipsen, PhD MBA

    Vice President
    Medicine and Life Sciences Journals (Brazil, China, India, Japan, Korea)

    Springer Nature Dordrecht
    Tel.: +31 78 657-6327

  • Selene Carey

    Selene Carey

    Editorial Director
    Medicine and Life Sciences Journals (Allergy and Immunology, Egyptian Knowledge Bank (EKB), Complementary & Alternative Medicine, Dermatology, Endocrinology and Metabolism, Food Science and Nutrition, General Medicine and Medical Evidence, Neurology, Ophthalmology, Psychiatry, Public Health, Pulmonology/Respiratory Medicine, Reproductive Health and Women’s Health, Rheumatology)

    Springer Nature Jersey City
    Tel.: + 1 (212) 726-9671