Congratulations Hale & Harvey Prize Winners 2017

The 2017 George Ellery Hale Prize for outstanding contributions to the field of solar astronomy is awarded to Manfred Schüssler for his contributions to the theory of the solar dynamo, to understanding the dynamics of buoyant convection-zone magnetic flux tubes, to modeling the structure and dynamics of solar surface magnetic fields, and to the education and training of young solar physicists.

The 2017 Karen Harvey Prize for a significant contribution to the study of the Sun early in a person’s professional career is awarded to Chun Ming (Mark) Cheung for his numerical investigations of magnetic flux emergence in turbulent convection, for his studies of the dynamic corona via novel data inversion and data-driven modeling techniques, and for his mentoring of young researchers.

Please join me in congratulating Manfred and Mark on this well-deserved recognition.  We will hear prize lectures from each at the 2017 SPD meeting in Portland, OR (Aug. 21 – 26).

I would like to thank Chair Mark Linton, and the rest of the SPD Prize committee, Doug Braun, Sarah Gibson, K.D. Leka, and Haimin Wang, for their hard work reading the materials and selecting from a pool of many very worthy nominees.

Dana Longcope

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