Poincaré translation by Bruce Popp wins 2017 Berger Prize

Republication of Henri Poincaré's "The Three-Body Problem and the Equations of Dynamics" awarded by American Translators Association

Dr. Bruce Popp is the recipient of the 2017 S. Edmund Berger Prize for Excellence in Scientific and Technical Translation. His accurate and readable translation of Poincaré’s foundational work on dynamical systems theory "Sur le problème des trois corps et les équations de la dynamique" (1890) was republished in Springer's Astrophysics and Space Science Library.

Henri Poincaré, "The Three-Body Problem and the Equations of Dynamics". Poincaré’s Foundational Work on Dynamical Systems Theory, translated by Bruce D. Popp, ASSL 443, Springer, 2017. http://www.springer.com/gb/book/9783319528984

© SpringerA classic in the study of dynamical systems popularly called chaos theory. In an effort to understand the stability of orbits in the solar system, Poincaré applied a Hamiltonian formulation to the equations of planetary motion and studied these differential equations in the limited case of three bodies to arrive at properties of the equations’ solutions, such as orbital resonances and horseshoe orbits. 

Poincaré wrote for professional mathematicians and astronomers interested in celestial mechanics and differential equations. Contemporary historians of math or science and researchers in dynamical systems and planetary motion with an interest in the origin or history of their field will find his work fascinating.