GRG Golden Oldie: Doroshkevich & Novikov (1964)

© SpringerDoroshkevich, A.G. & Novikov, I.D., Republication of: Mean density of radiation in the Metagalaxy and certain problems in relativistic cosmology, Gen Relativ Gravit (2018) 50: 138.

Golden Oldie

First Online: 10 October 2018


This paper appeared in Russian in Doklady AN SSSR and in English in the translation journal Soviet Physics–Doklady. In it the cosmic radiation from galaxies in the frequency range 108Hz to 1015Hz was estimated and shown to agree with data. It was then shown, following earlier ideas of Gamow, that the black-body cosmic microwave background from a big bang would significantly exceed the galactic radiation in the range 109Hz to 1011Hz. This was the first accurate prediction of that background, which now plays a key role in cosmology. The first announcement of its detection came in the following year. 

The paper has been selected by the Editors of General Relativity and Gravitation for re-publication in the Golden Oldies series of the journal. This republication is accompanied by an editorial note and a brief autobiography by A. G. Doroshkevich; an autobiography of I. D. Novikov appeared with a previous Golden Oldie.

Editorial Note:

An editorial note (free access) to this paper written by Ruth Durrer and a brief autobiography by A. G. Doroshkevich can be found in this issue preceding this Golden Oldie and online via; an autobiography of I. D. Novikov appeared with a previous Golden Oldie [Gen. Relativ. Gravit. 33, 2255-2258 (2001)].

The original paper was published in Russian and later in English translation. Here we republish the English text without change except for setting it in one column rather than two: the text gives the reference for the Russian original. The English text is reproduced from Soviet Physics-Doklady, vol. 9, No. 2, pp. 111-113 (1964), with the permission of AIP Publishing.

GRG Golden Oldies:

The Golden Oldies series of the journal General Relativity and Gravitation reprints important papers in general relativity theory that were published 30 or more years ago and are either hard to get hold of, or were originally printed in a language other than English.