GRG Editor's Choice: Symmetries of free massless particles and soft theorems

© SpringerBanerjee, S., Symmetries of free massless particles and soft theorems, Gen Relativ Gravit (2019) 51: 128.

Editor's Choice (Research Article)

First Online: 23 September 2019


We compute one point functions of chiral primary operators in the D1–D5 orbifold CFT, in classes of states corresponding to microstates of two and three charge black holes. Black hole microstates describable by supergravity solutions correspond to coherent superpositions of states in the orbifold theory and we develop methods for approximating one point functions in such superpositions in the large N limit. We show that microstates built from long strings (large twist operators) have one point functions that are suppressed by powers of N. Accordingly, even when these microstates admit supergravity descriptions, the characteristic scales in these solutions are comparable to higher derivative corrections to supergravity.

The authors: 

Shamik Banerjee is Professor at the Institute of Physics, Bhubaneswara, India, wokring on string theory.

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