GRG Editor's Choice: Superstrata (Invited Review)

© SpringerShigemori, M. Superstrata. Gen Relativ Gravit 52, 51 (2020).

Editor's Choice (Invited Review: State of the Field)

Published: 25 May 2020

Topical Collection: The Fuzzball Paradigm

"This is an excellent article explaining the idea of `superstrata', which emerged in the development of black hole physics." (Handling Editor)


We give a survey of the present status of the microstate geometries called superstrata. Superstrata are smooth, horizonless solutions of six-dimensional supergravity that represent some of the microstates of the D1–D5–P black hole in string theory. They are the most general microstate geometries of that sort whose CFT dual states are identified. After reviewing relevant features of the dual CFT, we discuss the construction of superstratum solutions in supergravity, based on the linear structure of the BPS equations. We also review some of recent work on generalizations of superstrata and physical properties of superstrata. Although the number of superstrata constructed so far is not enough to account for the black-hole entropy, they give us valuable insights into the microscopic physics of black holes.

GRG Editor's Choice:

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