Gravity Research Foundation 2017 Awards for Essays

Springer and the Editors-in-Chief especially congratulate General Relativity and Gravitation's editorial board member, Iván Agulló, on the rare occasion of winning the first prize for a second time!

GRF Awards for Essays for 2017

1. $4,000 – Gravity and Handedness of Photons by Ivan Agullo, Adrian del Rio, and Jose Navarro-Salas

2. $1,250 – Spacetime Has a ‘Thickness’ by Samir D. Mathur

3. $1,000 – Black Holes and Hurwitz Class Numbers by Shamit Kachru and Arnav Tripathy

4. $750 – A Proof of the Weak Gravity Conjecture by Shahar Hod

5. $500 – Gravitational Wave – Gauge Field Dynamics by R. R. Caldwell, C. Devulder, and N. A. Maksimova

The five award-winning essays will be published in a special issue of the International Journal of Modern Physics D (IJMPD).