Benacquista & Romano: Classical Mechanics

This new book in the Undergraduate Lecture Notes in Physics series provides an ideal blend of general concepts and methods which are then applied to important classes of problems

Authors: Benacquista, Matthew J., Romano, Joseph D.
© Springer International Publishing 2018 
ISBN: 978-3-319-68779-7 (Print) 978-3-319-68780-3 (Online) 
DOI: 10.1007/978-3-319-68780-3

© SpringerThis textbook provides an introduction to classical mechanics at a level intermediate between the typical undergraduate and advanced graduate level. This text describes the background and tools for use in the fields of modern physics, such as quantum mechanics, astrophysics, particle physics, and relativity. Students who have had basic undergraduate classical mechanics or who have a good understanding of the mathematical methods of physics will benefit from this book.

The authors: 

Joe Romano is Professor at the University of Texas at Brownsville. His primary research interest is gravitational-wave data analysis. He was co-chair of the LIGO Scientific Collaboration Stochastic Sources Analysis Group from 2000-2006. His prior research experience includes fundamental problems in classical and quantum gravity.

Matt Benacquista is Professor at the University of Texas at Brownsville and Program Director at NSF. He studies stellar-mass compact binaries with a focus on the formation scenarios for these objects and how gravitational radiation observations can help distinguish between them.