Living Reviews in Computational Astrophysics: Upcoming articles

© SpringerLiving Reviews in Computational Astrophysics is a new peer-reviewed open-access journal. Founded and supported by the Max Planck Institute for Astrophysics in Garching, and now published by Springer International.

Preview list of invited reviews in preparation:

  • Large chemical networks in astrochemistry
  • Large-scale dark matter simulations
  • Modelling of nebular spectra for supernovae
  • Monte Carlo radiative transfer methods
  • Numerical aspects of dust evolution in disks
  • Numerical models of planetary atmosphere dynamics
  • Numerical simulations of core-collapse supernovae
  • PIC methods in astrophysics
  • Simulations of cosmic ray propagation
  • Simulations of the interstellar medium
  • Turbulence in proto-stellar disks
  • Unified first order hyperbolic formulation of continuum mechanics: developments and prospects