Living Reviews in Computational Astrophysics: "MHD turbulence"

© SpringerBeresnyak, A., "MHD turbulence", Living Rev Comput Astrophys (2019) 5: 2.

Open Access | Review Article

First Online: 10 September 2019


We review the current status of research in MHD turbulence theory and numerical experiments and their applications to astrophysics and solar science. We introduce general tools for studying turbulence, basic turbulence models, MHD equations and their wave modes. Subsequently, we cover the theories and numerics of Alfvénic turbulence, imbalanced turbulence, small-scale dynamos and models and numerics for supersonic MHD turbulence.

The author: 

Andrey Beresnyak is a National Research Council Fellow at the Naval Research Laboratory, Washington, DC. His research interests are magnetized turbulence, reconnection and particle acceleration in solar physics and astrophysics.  He works with high-performance computation and data analysis to test theories and compare them with astronomical observations. 

Andrey Beresnyak has recently co-authored a book with Alexander Lazarian on "Turbulence in Magnetohydrodynamics" (De Gruyter 2019).