Massive Open Online Courses

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Springer Nature is pleased to support MOOC instructors, books authors, registered MOOC students, Academies and Societies providing MOOCs by offering a dedicated approach.

Let us show you how partnering with Springer can benefit you

  • Springer offers coupons to registered MOOC students in order to purchase specific e-books and/or print books and, upon request, any Springer Nature related content at a discounted rate. Dedicated links to the full e-book/s and print book/s have to be created; the discount will expire once the MOOC has ended.
  • Please contact your Springer Publishing Editor before the launch of the MOOC. Details will be then defined directly between Springer and the university.
  • The content used within the MOOC can be accessed through an access-controlled URL. Springer contents may also be available for the duration of a course with or via other providers and on other platforms.

Benefits for authors

The MOOC & BOOK initiative offers authors a unique opportunity to create a book complementary to an online course, and thereby combine the quality of an academic/scholarly/research essay with the communicative power of an online educational product. 

This textbook, specifically conceived for an online course and strictly connected to it, will be more dynamic than a standard textbook, and thus support the MOOC including schemes/tables that summarize the theoretical concepts explained in the online videos, and further developing the theory to complement the online videos. The book will also include numerous exercises with solutions, in addition to those offered in the MOOC. The most important feature of this concept is that the textbook includes links to the material contained in the MOOC, which the authors consider relevant. The textbook will feature multimedia content, such as videos and augmented reality, which can be accessible by PC, tablet, or any other mobile device. 

Open Access books: Please consider that an OA book could be an appealing option for such a project.

Additional benefits for licensed universities

If the content used in the MOOC is licensed to the university organizing it, please also consider the following:

  • The MyCopy option is available for students who already have access to the content on SpringerLink
  • Instructors can use content published by Springer and licensed to the university: chapter/s, journal article/s within the MOOC and for the duration of the MOOC, provided that those materials can only be viewed and neither copied nor directly printed.

Benefits for MOOC students

Springer Nature also extends access to those parts of the content used in the MOOC to students not affiliated with the university, but registered for the MOOC.


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For further information, please contact your Publishing Editor at Springer. We look forward to working with you!