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Research into our climate system is a young science: only in the 20th century has it become possible to explain the complex processes of the Earth's atmosphere. Since then, climate research has become a global science, with many connections to other disciplines. Central topics include global warming and climate change, climate policy and management, and meteorology. The specialist literature on climate published by Springer reflects this interdisciplinary spectrum. Experts, scientists and students will find first-class books and journals addressing both scientific and socio-political issues. Well-known publications include the journals Climatic Change and Climate Dynamics and the Handbook of Climate Change Adaptation.

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New Journal: Bulletin of Atmospheric Science and Technology

Editors-in-Chief Silvana Di Sabatino, University of Bologna, and Paolo Di Girolamo, University of Basilicata, talks about the aims and uniqueness of this newly launched journal. The Bulletin of Atmospheric Science and Technology welcomes your paper submission!

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