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Sustainable energy engineering

Global energy consumption continues to increase as our need to reduce carbon intensifies. By developing and refining new methods of generating energy sustainably, engineers are now more important than ever. We’ve brought together the best engineering research in sustainable energy, covering topics including wind, solar and CO2 capture technology.

Sustainable energy is a truly interdisciplinary subject, reaching across engineering, materials science, chemistry and beyond. We talked to Benjamin Balke, head of division: functional materials at the Fraunhofer Research Institution IWKS about the work they are doing on sustainability and the importance of looking at sustainable energy from an interdisciplinary perspective. 

Browse our selected books and journals within our energy, materials and mechanical engineering clusters below, with articles and chapters free to read until July 31st 2019.

Q & A with Benjamin Balke

Benjamin Balke © Benjamin BalkeTackling environmental and climate challenges through interdisciplinary applied sciences

Benjamin Balke, head of division functional materials at the Fraunhofer Research Institution IWKS in Hanau Germany, talks to us about the importance of working across disciplines in the area of energy and sustainability, and shares information on a forthcoming topical collection on sustainability in SN Applied Sciences, a new multi-disciplinary journal from Springer Nature – accepting submissions.

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Call for papers: Materials, technologies and strategies for a circular economy

Watch an interview with Nastaran Ranjbar and Benjamin Balke at Fraunhofer IWKS on the new topical collection in SN Applied Sciences. Submissions in October, find out more and submit today.

Featured journals

Renewables: Wind, Water, and Solar

© SpringerRenewables: Wind, Water, and Solar provides a multidisciplinary and international forum for the rapid dissemination of knowledge of the various ideas, products, technologies, discussions of policy and regulatory issues that affect renewable energy technologies and their implementation. The journal shares specialist perspectives from both academic institutions, research laboratories and industries involved in R&D projects, system implementation and policy formulations in this field.

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Technology and Economics of Smart Grids and Sustainable Energy

© Springer 

This journal explores research on challenge and innovation in energy grids and energy markets, focusing on both the technical and the economic aspects of smart grids, and examines the challenges and novel solutions for energy grids and markets of the future. The journal also covers game theory in smart grids; optimization techniques; renewable energy integration; security; pricing and markets; demand-side management and demand response. It highlights challenges and solutions for energy grids and markets of the future, offering reports on advances in technologies and algorithms, economic and regulatory aspects, and case studies. 

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Book highlights in sustainable energy

© SpringerAdvanced CO2 Capture Technologies

This book summarises the advanced CO2 capture technologies that can be used to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, especially those from large-scale sources, such as power-generation and steel-making plants. 

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© SpringerLife Cycle Assessment of Energy Systems and Sustainable Energy Technologies

This book deals with the application of life cycle assessment (LCA) methodology to sustainable energy systems and technologies. 

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© Springer

Energy and Environmental Strategies in the Era of Globalization

This book provides readers with cutting-edge techniques that can be applied to energy and environmental economics. 

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© SpringerAdvances in Sustainable Energy

This book reveals key challenges to ensuring the secure and sustainable production and use of energy resources, and provides corresponding solutions.

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© SpringerThe Economics and Policy of Concentrating Solar Power Generation

This book provides an up-to-date analysis of state-of-the-art concentrating solar power (CSP) generation. 

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© SpringerWind Turbine Aerodynamics and Vorticity-Based Methods

This book discusses the recent advances and future trends of nanoscience in solar energy conversion and storage.

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