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Sales Highlights Flyers—Key Titles, 4th qtr. 2020


These key titles have been chosen for their high sales potential. The publication dates range from October to December 2020. Pass the flyers on to your customers to easily highlight upcoming bestsellers. 

(Find all Flyer titles in the Excel Title List: EUR,GPB,CHFUSD)

Business, Management, Economics, Finance & Politics 

All titles: EUR,GPB,CHFUSD

Business, Management, Economics & Finance: EUR,GPB,CHFUSD

Political Science & International Relations: EUR,GPB,CHFUSD

Popular Science: EUR,GPB,CHFUSD

Computer Science & Applied Computing


© SpringerApplied Computing: EUR,GPB,CHFUSD

Humanities & Social Sciences 

All titles: EUR,GPB,CHFUSD

Criminology, Criminal Justice & Law: EUR,GPB,CHFUSD

Cultural & Media Studies, Literature, Linguistics: EUR,GPB,CHFUSD


History, Philosophy & Religious Studies: EUR,GPB,CHFUSD

Social Sciences & Psychology: EUR,GPB,CHFUSD

Popular Science: EUR,GPB,CHFUSD

Medical & Life Sciences


Biomedicine & Life Sciences: EUR,GPB,CHF;  USD

Medicine & Public Health/Dentistry: EUR,GPB,CHFUSD



Chemistry & Material Sciences: EUR,GPB,CHFUSD

Earth Sciences, Geography & Environment: EUR,GPB,CHFUSD

Engineering & Energy: EUR,GPB,CHFUSD

Mathematics: EUR,GPB,CHF; USD


Statistics: EUR,GPB,CHFUSD

Subject Catalogs Summer 2020


Get the catalog in your field of interest and check your stock levels - don´t miss the essential new reading in your area of knowledge.

Apress Professional Computing List: EUR,GPB,CHFUSD | Catalog: EUR,GPB,CHFUSD

Biomedicine & Life Science List: EUR,GPB,CHFUSD | Catalog: EUR,GPB,CHFUSD

Business & Management List: EUR,GPB,CHFUSD | Catalog: EUR,GPB,CHFUSD

Chemistry & Materials List: EUR,GPB,CHFUSD | Catalog: EUR,GPB,CHFUSD

Computer Science List: EUR,GPB,CHFUSD | Catalog: EUR,GPB,CHFUSD 

Earth & Environmental Sciences, Geography List: EUR,GPB,CHFUSD | Catalog: EUR,GPB,CHFUSD

Economics & Finance List: EUR,GPB,CHFUSD | Catalog: EUR,GPB,CHFUSD 

Education List: EUR,GPB,CHFUSD | Catalog: EUR,GPB,CHFUSD

Engineering & Energy List: EUR,GPB,CHFUSD | Catalog: EUR,GPB,CHFUSD

History & Science, multidisciplinary List: EUR,GPB,CHFUSD | Catalog: EUR,GPB,CHFUSD

Law & Criminology List: EUR,GPB,CHFUSD | Catalog: EUR,GPB,CHF; USD 

Literature & Cultural Media Studies List: EUR,GPB,CHFUSD | Catalog: EUR,GPB,CHFUSD 

Mathematics  List: EUR,GPB,CHFUSD | Catalog: EUR,GPB,CHFUSD

Medicine & Public Health List: EUR,GPB,CHFUSD | Catalog: EUR,GPB,CHFUSD 

Philosophy & Religious Studies list: EUR,GBP,CHFUSD | Catalog: EUR,GBP,CHFUSD

Physics List: EUR,GPB,CHFUSD | Catalog: EUR,GPB,CHFUSD

Political Science & Int. Relations List: EUR,GPB,CHFUSD | Catalog: EUR,GPB,CHF; USD

Psychology List: EUR,GPB,CHFUSD | Catalog: EUR,GPB,CHFUSD

Social Sciences & Linguistics List: EUR,GPB,CHFUSD | Catalog: EUR,GPB,CHF; | USD 

Statistics List: EUR,GPB,CHF | USD; Catalog: EUR,GPB,CHFUSD 

status: May 2020

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