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Springer VideoMATH


Authors: Bobenko, Alexander I., Gunn, Charles

  • Well-presented film about conformal maps and their applications in geodesy, computer graphics, and architecture
  • Winner of Berlin Short Film Festival 2015
  • Mathematical Film addressed at everybody interested in mathematics
  • Multilingual version – English, French, German, Italian and Russian
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About this Textbook

How can you make good flat maps of the round earth? Our story begins with Mercator's world map of 1569, the first angle-preserving (or conformal) world map. His idea fell on fruitful soil, from which a new branch of mathematics has developed. This movie shows some of the highlights of this development, yielding a series of elegant visual forms which arise as conformal maps on a variety of surfaces in 2- and 3-D. Featuring non-technical language, a simple aesthetic, compelling animation, and an original score, the movie builds an accessible bridge from everyday experience to a beautiful but little-known mathematical theory that continues to bear technological fruit today in fields such as computer graphics and architecture.

About the authors

Alexander I. Bobenko is a professor of Mathematics at the Technical University of Berlin, Germany. His fields of interest include geometry, mathematical physics and applications - in particular differential geometry, discrete differential geometry, integrable systems, Riemann surfaces, and geometry processing.

Charles G. Gunn's creative activities combine - in varying proportions - mathematical research, 3D graphics, software development, teaching, and movie-making. He lives near Berlin with his family.

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Special Cover Type $29.99
price for USA in USD

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