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Dynamics of Community Formation

Developing Identity and Notions of Home

Editors: Compton, Jr., Robert W., Leung, Ho Hon, Robles, Yaser (Eds.)

  • Discusses the creation, maintenance, change, and destruction of what communities consider and envision as home
  • Focuses on the social, historical, and economic context of community as a type of home
  • Examines the role of identity in the creation, branding, and transformation of the sense of home
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About this book

This interdisciplinary work discusses the construction, maintenance, evolution, and destruction of home and community spaces, which are central to the development of social cohesion. By examining how people throughout the world form different communities to establish a sense of home, the volume surveys the formation of identity within the context of rapid development, global and domestic neoliberal and political governmental policies, and various societal pressures. The themes of cooperation, conflict, inclusion, exclusion, and balance require negotiation between different actors (e.g., the state, professional developers, social activists, and residents) as homes and communities develop. 

About the authors

Robert W. Compton, Jr. is Professor of Africana and Latino Studies and Political Science at SUNY, College at Oneonta, USA. His research interests include political development and international political economy of Southern Africa and East Asia.  
Ho Hon Leung is Professor of Sociology at SUNY, College at Oneonta, USA.  His research interests include ethnic relations, immigration, urban studies, architectural sociology, and comparative aging. He is also Director and Co-founder of 4C5M Studio.
Yaser Robles is a faculty member in the History, Philosophy, Religion and Social Sciences Department (HPRSS) at Choate Rosemary Hall, USA. His research interests include colonial Latin America, Latin American and Caribbean Diasporas to the United States, and Afro-Latin American cultures.   

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Hardcover $119.99
price for USA in USD

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Bibliographic Information
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Dynamics of Community Formation
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Developing Identity and Notions of Home
  • Robert W. Compton, Jr.
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  • Yaser Robles
Palgrave Macmillan US
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XV, 253
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3 b/w illustrations