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Industrial Electrochemistry

Authors: Pletcher, D., Walsh, F.C.

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Industrial Electrochemistry is highly recommended reading for undergraduates and research workers alike. Synthesis and Reactivity in Inorganic Metal-Organic Chemistry (Review of the previous edition); ...a book which combines a good practical working description of all the major industrial electrolytic processes with some basic electrochemistry and chemical engineering. The Chemical Engineer (Review of the previous edition); Many a technologist will be led to the direct solution of a problem, or provided with inspiration for some lateral thinking Chemistry & Industry; This book is an excellent one with a judicious balance of both applied and fundamental aspects.Bulletin of Electrochemistry; The authors must... be congratulated on the amount of factual material that they have included. Their style of writing is also very good, making the book eminently 'readable' whether you jusdt want to dip into a specific topic or perhaps pursue a much larger section. - Transactions of the Institute of Metal Finishing; To summarise the many diverse industrial applications of electrochemistry within the confines of a 640 page book is a Herculean task. The second edition of Industrial Electrochemistry achieves this goal admirably. As a readable, general textbook it can be recommended to all chemists and chemical engineers interested in the subject, whether in industry or university life. - Journal of Chemical Technical Biotechnology

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Hardcover $379.99
price for USA in USD

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Bibliographic Information
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Industrial Electrochemistry
Springer Netherlands
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Springer Science+Business Media B.V.
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XVI, 654

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