The Transfer Desk

Supports the scientific community in publishing all sound manuscripts

T_TransferDesk_280x210.jpgThe Transfer Desk is a manuscript transfer service that provides authors with a convenient way of resubmitting their manuscript to a more suitable journal.

Even publishable manuscripts could be rejected if they don't match a journal’s scope. In such cases, Editors can now easily suggest a ‘manuscript transfer’ (before or after peer review) and the Transfer Desk will take care of the rest.

  • Editors can find more details about the Transfer Desk on our dedicated journal Editors page.
  • If you are an author and want to learn more about the Transfer Desk's advantages for you, please visit the page for Authors.

The service is operational and rolled out to all of our 2,500+ Springer, SpringerOpen and BioMed Central journals to provide you with an integrated network of journals that offers convenient one-time submission, expert journal selection and maximum publication options.