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Marina Forlizzi

Marina Forlizzi

Executive Editor Physics textbooks; Physics, Astronomy, Physics Education, Interdisciplinary, Popular Science
Springer Milan

Via Decembrio 28
20137 Milano

+39 02 54 25 97 27
About Me

After many years working with other publishers, I joined Springer in January 1999. Initially started in developing books and journals portfolio in maths, I’m now in charge of book publications in physics and astronomy and other related interdisciplinary areas. I work with several institutions and society, and my publishing program includes textbooks, edited volumes, proceedings, monographs, handbooks, popular science books.

Book Series

Undergraduate Lecture Notes in Physics

Undergraduate Texts in Physics

Graduate Texts in Physics

UNITEXT for Physics

Challenges in Physics Education

History of Physics

Soft and Biological Matter

Research for Development

New Economic Windows