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Lisa Fan

Lisa Fan

Senior Editor Earth and Environmental Sciences, Geography
Springer Beijing

RM 409-411, Beijing Ideal Plaza
No. 58 Northwest, 4th Ring Road, Beijing 100080, China

+86 10 83415003

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About Me

I am responsible for book publications of all areas of earth sciences and environmental sciences including topics on geographical sciences, climate change, water science, atmospheric sciences, polar research, oceanography, geology, earth system sciences, geophysics & geodesy, geochemistry, mineralogy, natural hazards, paleontology, urban planning, hydrology, oil & gas, soil science, sustainable development and the interdisciplinary areas of the above.

Book Series

IHDP/Future Earth-Integrated Risk Governance Project Series 

New Records of the Great Dying in South China

Atmosphere, Earth, Ocean & Space

EcoWISE: Innovative Approaches to Socio-Ecological Sustainability