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Alexis Vizcaino

Dr. Alexis Vizcaino

Senior Conferences’ Publisher Computer Science, Engineering, Material Sciences and Engineering
Springer Heidelberg

Tiergartenstraße 17
69121 Heidelberg

+49 6221 487 8633
About me

I am responsible for the publication of conference-driven publications in the applied sciences - including computer sciences, engineering, material sciences and energy. I liaise between conference organizers and my publishing colleagues at Springer Nature across the portfolio, including both journals and books (Proceedings).

I defended my PhD in marine geology at the University of Barcelona in 2009, and then spent three years as a Postdoc at Stanford University. From 2014 until 2022 I worked as a Publishing Editor for the earth sciences, environmental sciences and geography at Springer. As an Editor, I developed a special focus on the Russian community and also on Latin America, but also developed a special interest in publishing proceedings. In my current role I am now focused completely on conference-driven publications.

Conferences, Workshops and Academic Events

Are you interested in publishing your next conference proceedings with Springer Nature? If your conference discipline falls into any of the applied sciences fields (computer science, engineering, material sciences and energy), please contact me! I will support you with submitting your project, getting it reviewed and eventually published in a relevant journal or book series published by Springer Nature. I look forward to receiving your proposal and am happy to answer any questions you may have.