Dr. Celine Lanlan Chang

CHANG Lanlan, Celine

Executive Editor
Computer Science - Proposals for CCIS and proposals from Greater China and Southeast Asia

Springer Beijing

RM 409-411, Beijing Ideal Plaza

No. 58 Northwest

4th Ring Road

Beijing 100080, China

Tel.: +86 10 8341 5012

My primary responsibility is to locate and engage first-rate authors and editors from Greater China and Southeast Asia area to develop monographs, conference proceedings, textbooks, professional books and major reference books (handbooks and encyclopedias) for researchers, graduate students, and advanced professionals in the areas of Computer Science.

Based on my own academic and professional background as a PhD, system engineer, software engineer and researcher with 8+ years of working experience at universities and with companies like HP and Fujitsu, followed by more than 7 years of editorial experience at Springer, I possess expertise in identifying valuable research topics, assessing publication proposals and selecting projects with high value and potentials. I am always interested in learning about possible books which will help our target audiences to better understand new concepts, new technologies, new solutions and new opportunities - put briefly, that will raise their level of knowledge and expertise.

You may either send me your proposals (proceedings, books, journals) or discuss them with me directly at one of the conferences that I plan to attend.

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