Springer initiatives in developing countries

© Hemera Technologies/thinkstockphotos [m]Springer recognizes the need to invest in education and scientific research in places where they are needed, but people may not be able to afford to pay for them.

We make a concerted effort to ensure that the knowledge we manage is accessible in those parts of the world that are still developing. Springer participates, often in leading roles, many efforts and initiatives which facilitate access to scientific information, or to disseminate this information further and wider.

These initiatives, in partnership with other publishers, are designed to be ‘help for self-help’ for developing countries. Hence, Springer is supporting merely philanthropic initiatives and at the same time it is fostering partnerships with libraries and universities based on sustainable low-fee-access in order to make sure that our company is investing in the global future.

Alan Harris

Low cost initiatives


Knowledge of Agricultural Science

Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research


Information flow between countries

International Network for the Availability of Scientific Publications