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Zentralblatt MATH

Zentralblatt MATH is the world's most complete and longest running abstracting and reviewing service in pure and applied mathematics. The MATH Database contains more than 1.8 million entries drawn from more than 2300 serials and journals.

The entries are classified according to the Mathematics Subject Classification Scheme (MSC 2000).
Zentralblatt für Mathematik und ihre Grenzgebiete was founded in 1931 by O. Neugebauer and is today the longest-term running abstracting and reviewing service in the field of mathematics. It covers the entire spectrum of mathematics incl. applications in computer science, mechanics, physics, etc. Citations are classified according to the worldwide accepted MSC. It contains references to the worldwide literature drawn from currently about 3000 journals and serials, from conference proceedings, collections of papers and books. In the course of the European extension the service was recently renamed to Zentralblatt MATH, to shorten the lengthy German title. Zentralblatt MATH publishes about 60.000 abstracts and reviews per year produced by more than 5000 scientists; the reviews are mainly written in English, but some also in French and German. Published by Springer-Verlag, Zentralblatt MATH is edited by the European Mathematical Society (EMS), Fachinformationszentrum (FIZ) Karlsruhe, and the Heidelberger Akademie der Wissenschaften.
The name Zentralblatt MATH stands equally for the electronic offers as well as for the conventional printed service. The main offer consists in the online database with WWW database with several user interfaces and links to document delivery. A CD-ROM version is published for archival purposes and off-line use. The total amount of documents for which information is stored in the databases is more than 1.800.000. The online database is updated once a month which corresponds to two volumes of the printed service of Zentralblatt MATH.

Zentralblatt MATH as a European activity - LIMES 

The overall goal of the LIMES project is to improve the facilities of the "European Database in Mathematics" with Zentralblatt MATH as its core, to transform Zentralblatt within this framework to a distributed European activity, and to improve and widen the access to Zentralblatt for European countries by providing structures for a better distribution on the technical and on the economical level.
Initial steps into the direction of the European extension have been initiated through a bilateral German-French co-operation (CNRS/Université Grenoble) on software development and support, distribution of the database in France, and by a series of co-operations between German and Middle/East-European academic institutions (Hungary, Czech Republic, Russia, Ukraine et al.). About 13 servers of various types currently exist. Broader and improved access to the database via national access nodes and new data distribution methods are currently under discussion. In particular, improvements of access are planned for isolated universities in regions under economic difficulties and in associated states of Central and Eastern Europe where a mathematical tradition of excellence is under economic threat. Stimulation of usage for all kinds of research as well as for funding organisations before decision making is achieved by initial trial accounts. Improved coverage and evaluation of European research literature is planned via nationally distributed editorial units, and the development of new technologies for efficient database production.
These activities are supervised by a European advisory board (under the auspices of the EMS), in close coordination with other European information activities (like FIZ, VINITI, European publishers etc.).
Zentralblatt MATH is published in cooperation with the European Mathematical Society, FIZ Karlsruhe and Heidelberg Academy of Sciences.

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