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Statistics | Mathematical Methods of Statistics (Editorial Board)

Mathematical Methods of Statistics

Mathematical Methods of Statistics

Editor-in-Chief: Dmitry M. Chibisov

ISSN: 1066-5307 (print version)
ISSN: 1934-8045 (electronic version)

Journal no. 12004

Editor-in-Chief: Dmitry M. Chibisov


Dmitry M. ChibisovDr. Sci. (Phys.-Math.), Steklov Mathematical Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russia
Boris Y. LevitDr. Sci. (Phys.-Math.), Queen’s University, Department of Mathematics and Statistics, Kingston, Canada
Coordinating Editor
V.V. SlavovaRussia
Narayanaswamy BalakrishnanProf., Department of Mathematics and Statistics, McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Shaul K. Bar-LevDr. Sci., Prof., University of Haifa, Department of Statistics, Haifa, Israel
Mikhail V. BoldinCand. Sci. (Phys.-Math.), Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics, Moscow State University, Moscow, Russia
Alexandr A. BorovkovDr. Sci. (Phys.-Math.), Sobolev Institute of Mathematics, Novosibirsk University, Novosibirsk, Russia
Yuri N. DavydovDr. Sci. (Phys.-Math.), Prof., St. Petersburg State University, St. Petersburg, Russia
Richard D. GillDr. Sci., Prof., Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Leiden University, Mathematical Institute, Leiden University, Leiden, Netherlands
Ildar A. IbragimovDr. Sci. (Phys.-Math.), St. Petersburg Department of V.A. Steklov Mathematical Institute, St. Petersburg, Russia
Estate V. KhmaladzeDr. Sci., Prof., School of Mathematics and Statistics, Victoria University of Wellington, Wellington, New Zealand
Valentin D. KonakovDr. Sci. (Phys.-Math.), Prof., National Research University Higher School of Economics, Moscow, Russia
Oleg LepskiDr. Sci. (Phys.-Math.), Prof., Aix Marseille Universit, Marseille Cedex, France
Mikhail B. MalyutovDr. Sci. (Phys.-Math.), Prof., Mathematics Department, Northeastern University, Boston, United States
Enno MammenDr. Sci., Prof., Institute for Applied Mathematics, Heidelberg, Germany
Yakov Y. NikitinDr. Sci. (Phys.-Math.), Saint-Petersburg State University, St. Petersburg, Russia
Andrew L. RukhinProf., National Institute of Standards and Technology, Prof., Emeritus at the University of Maryland, Baltimor County, US

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    Aims and Scope


    Mathematical Methods of Statistics  is an is an international peer reviewed journal dedicated to the mathematical foundations of statistical theory. It primarily publishes research papers with complete proofs and, occasionally, review papers on particular problems of statistics. Papers dealing with applications of statistics are also published if they contain new theoretical developments to the underlying statistical methods. The journal provides an outlet for research in advanced statistical methodology and for studies where such methodology is effectively used or which stimulate its further development.

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