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1 July 2012

Springer Innovations: LaTeXSearch.com

Springer has launched the newest innovation platform LaTeXSearch.com. LaTeXSearch is a free online service which makes over 1 million LaTeX equations discoverable. LaTeXSearch.com lets users search for LaTeX code in one of three ways and link to the full text content on SpringerLink:
  • LaTeX Search: Directly typing an equation, in LaTeX, which they would like to find
  • Article title search: Where a user searches against all articles that contain LaTeX
  • Digital Object Identifier (DOI) search: For when a user knows which article they would like to see equations from.
LaTeXSearch.com is currently powered by a collection of over 120,000 peer-reviewed articles published by Springer in journals such as Inventiones Mathematicae, Journal of Computational Neuroscience, Journal of Experimental and Theoretical Physics, and Journal of Materials Science. One of the challenges facing readers of mathematics-intensive journals is that they have no way to access the code that generated the equations. LaTeXSearch.com solves this problem by giving users multiple ways to find equations and, with one click, access the LaTeX code that generated those equations.
Recognizing that LaTeX’s flexibility means users might type the same equation in multiple different ways, Springer invested over eight months in engineering a process that normalizes LaTeX equations. This way, equations that are similar (or even exactly the same but written slightly different) will also appear under the “Similar Results” tab. This ability to provide a comprehensive set of results is unique to LaTeXSearch.com and will provide users with the most relevant results possible.
If you have any questions please contact, latexsearch@springer.com
Society Zone, Issue 11, Summer 2010