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Social Sciences - Wellbeing & Quality-of-Life | International Journal of Community Well-Being (Press)

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International Journal of Community Well-Being

International Journal of Community Well-Being

Published in collaboration with the Global Community Institute

Editor-in-Chief: R. Phillips; S.J. Lee

ISSN: 2524-5295 (print version)
ISSN: 2524-5309 (electronic version)

Journal no. 42413

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Call for Special Issues

The International Journal of Community Well-Being invites proposals for special thematic issues. Special issues are presented by guest editor(s) who assume responsibility for inviting article contributions on a particular theme and for ensuring the unique contribution of the special issue compilation. Special issues can be a valuable means of advancing multiple and sometimes comparative, complementary, or even contrasting perspectives and empirical results on a question, topic or theme. They also afford an opportunity for a guest editor introductory essay that can offer new insight and synthesis across assembled contributions. Special issues will be featured prominently and identified as discrete components within the journal.
Please send proposals for a special thematic issue to Special Issues Editor, Prof. Meg Holden, at mholden@sfu.ca. In preparing your proposal, please note the following:
• Special issue proposals are considered based upon the suitability of the topic and availability of space in the journal
• Special issue proposals should include a special issue guest editor or editors, along with their contact information and affiliation.
• Guest editor(s) should supply an introduction to the special issue, which will be subject to editorial review rather than peer review
• Special issue editors are also responsible for suggestions of 3 peer reviewers per submitted article
• Special issue proposals should include 5-10 article abstracts from different authors
• Once a special issue is accepted by the journal, articles will be submitted through the Editorial Manager and all articles will be subject to blind peer review
• Results of peer review will be shared with the special issue editor or editors as well as the author(s) so that the special issue editors may work further with author(s) toward revisions
• The editorial board of IJCWB reserves the right to reject any or all articles within a special issue

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For authors and editors

  • Aims and Scope

    Aims and Scope


    This journal advances the knowledge and practice of community well-being as an interdisciplinary broad conception of human and societal well-being. The focus is predominately on communities of place and interest within geographic or societal spaces concerning social, economic, cultural/social, environmental or political conditions and impacts on societal and social well-being. It provides an outlet for excellent scholarship from a multitude of disciplines - including but not limited to community development, geography, urban and regional planning, economic development, public administration, regional studies, sociology, community learning and education, psychology and health – concerned with community well-being that promotes understanding of its multidimensional aspects. The journal publishes research that combines community well-being addressing issues facing our towns, cities and regions. It explores the collective aspects of communities and regions and how individual well-being is related to the context of societal well-being

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