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In observance of the Nelson Mandela International Day (July 18) Springer offers free access until July 31 to the most frequently mentioned articles (based on Altmetric data) that focus on Mandela’s values and fields of dedication. Consider your next paper for publication with us - and get read.

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Please note that the below list also includes fully open access articles from SpringerOpen and BioMed Central. All articles are made freely available online immediately upon publication. An article-processing charge is levied to cover the cost of the publication process. Authors retain the copyright to their work, licensing it under the Creative Commons Attribution (CC BY) license, which allows articles to be re-used and re-distributed without restriction, as long as the original work is correctly cited.

Most frequently mentioned articles  

The Altmetric score for an article rises as more people mention it, and each category of mention – Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Reddit, blogs, news outlets and Faculty of 1000 reviews – contributes a different base amount to the final Altmetric score.

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“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

Highlighted Articles

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Below you will find a list of journal articles that were highly discussed in the social web and cover topics related to the most recognized Nelson Mandela quotes. For open access journals – Articles are always freely available online for everyone, everywhere.

ECONOMICS- Top Mentioned Articles

“Let there be work, bread, water and salt for all” 

Does investment in the health sector promote or inhibit economic growth? 

A fresh look a the case for the electronic cigarette 

Closing the health equity gap: evidence-based strategies for primary health care organizations 

People-centred science: strengthening the practice of health policy and systems research 

From efficacy to equity: Literature review of decision criteria for resource allocation and healthcare decisionmaking 

High school graduation rates among children of same-sex households  

An integrated agro-ecosystem and livelihood systems approach for the poor and vulnerable in dry areas 

A survey of Sub-Saharan African medical schools 

What is Health Equity: And How Does a Life-Course Approach Take Us Further Toward It?  

A cost-benefit/cost-effectiveness analysis of proposed supervised injection facilities in Montreal, Canada 

EDUCATION- Top Mentioned Articles

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”

Eminent scientists reject the supernatural: a survey of the Fellows of the Royal Society 

'A world of difference': a qualitative study of medical students' views on professionalism and the 'good doctor' 

Data dredging, salami-slicing, and other successful strategies to ensure rejection: twelve tips on how to not get your paper published 

Delaying instruction: evidence from a study in a university relearning setting 

Mobile technology supporting trainee doctors' workplace learning and patient care: an evaluation  

Climate Consensus and ‘Misinformation’: A Rejoinder to Agnotology, Scientific Consensus, and the Teaching and Learning of Climate Change 

Using Blogs and New Media in Academic Practice: Potential Roles in Research, Teaching, Learning, and Extension 

Unique Contributions of Maternal Reading Proficiency to Predicting Children’s Preschool Receptive Vocabulary and Reading Proficiency 

Student use of Facebook for organizing collaborative classroom activities 

How are campus students using social media to support their studies? An explorative interview study 

HUMAN RIGHTS-Top Mentioned Articles

“To deny people their human rights is to challenge their very humanity” 

Prenatal Dexamethasone for Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia 

Adderall for All: A Defense of Pediatric Neuroenhancement. 

Plausibility and evidence: the case of homeopathy. 

Rape Myths, Law, and Feminist Research: ‘Myths About Myths’? 

Making Civilian Casualties Count: Approaches to Documenting the Human Cost of War 

Deliberation, learning, and institutional change: the evolution of institutions in judicial settings 

First all-in-one diagnostic tool for DNA intelligence: genome-wide inference of biogeographic ancestry, appearance, relatedness, and sex with the Identitas v1 Forensic Chip. 

Reviving Brain Death: A Functionalist View 

The relative importance of undesirable truths 

Biomechanics and injury risk of a headbutt 

POLITICAL SCIENCE-Top Mentioned Articles

“ We must use time wisely and forever realize that the time is always ripe to do right” 

Learning Citizenship? How State Education Reforms Affect Parents’ Political Attitudes and Behavior 

Sexual Economics, Culture, Men, and Modern Sexual Trends 

Vacationers Happier, but Most not Happier After a Holiday 

Overcoming the tragedy of super wicked problems: constraining our future selves to ameliorate global climate change 

Influences of Resources and Subjective Dispositions on Formal and Informal Volunteering 

An empirical analysis of alternative ways that terrorist groups end 

Bold Policies for Economic Justice 

Time for behavioral political economy? An analysis of articles in behavioral economics 

The impact of adult drug courts on crime and incarceration: findings from a multi-site quasi-experimental design 

Sex trafficking in Cambodia: fabricated numbers versus empirical evidence 

PUBLIC HEALTH-Top Mentioned Articles

“Give a child love, laughter and peace, not AIDS” 

Does investment in the health sector promote or inhibit economic growth? 

The weight of nations: an estimation of adult human biomass 

The Mere Anticipation of an Interaction with a Woman Can Impair Men’s Cognitive Performance 

Vegetarian diet and mental disorders: results from a representative community survey 

Hiroshima survivors exposed to very low doses of A-bomb primary radiation showed a high risk for cancers 

HIV Testing Among Patients Infected with Neisseria gonorrhoeae: STD Surveillance Network, United States, 2009-2010. 

Comparing the odds of postpartum haemorrhage in planned home birth against planned hospital birth: results of an observational study of over 500,000 maternities in the UK 

A systematic review of barriers to and facilitators of the use of evidence by policymakers 

A fresh look at tobacco harm reduction: the case for the electronic cigarette 

Breakfast: a multidisciplinary approach 

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