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Research related to the analysis of living structures (Biomechanics) has been carried out extensively in several distinct areas of science, such as, for example, mathematics, mechanical, physics, informatics, medicine and sports. However, for its successful achievement, numerous research topics should be considered, such as image processing and analysis, geometric and numerical modelling, biomechanics, experimental analysis, mechanobiology and enhanced visualization, and their application on real cases must be developed and more investigation is needed. Additionally, enhanced hardware solutions and less invasive devices are demanded. On the other hand, Image Analysis (Computational Vision) aims to extract a high level of information from static images or dynamical image sequences. An example of applications involving Image Analysis can be found in the study of the motion of structures from image sequences, shape reconstruction from images and medical diagnosis. As a multidisciplinary area, Computational Vision considers techniques and methods from other disciplines, like from Artificial Intelligence, Signal Processing, mathematics, physics and informatics. Despite the work that has been done in this area, more robust and efficient methods of Computational Imaging are still demanded in many application domains, such as in medicine, and their validation in real scenarios needs to be examined urgently. Recently, these two branches of science have been increasingly seen as being strongly connected and related, but no book series or journal has contemplated this increasingly strong association. Hence, the main goal of this book series in Computational Vision and Biomechanics (LNCV&B) consists in the provision of a comprehensive forum for discussion on the current state-of-the-art in these fields by emphasizing their connection. The book series covers (but is not limited to):  
• Applications of Computational Vision and Biomechanics 
• Biometrics and Biomedical Pattern Analysis 
• Cellular Imaging and Cellular Mechanics 
• Clinical Biomechanics 
• Computational Bioimaging and Visualization 
• Computational Biology in Biomedical Imaging 
• Development of Biomechanical Devices 
• Device and Technique Development for Biomedical Imaging 
• Experimental Biomechanics 
• Gait & Posture Mechanics 
• Grid and High Performance Computing on Computational Vision and Biomechanics 
• Image Processing and Analysis 
• Image processing and visualization in Biofluids 
• Image Understanding 
• Material Models 
• Mechanobiology 
• Medical Image Analysis 
• Molecular Mechanics 
• Multi-modal Image Systems 
• Multiscale Biosensors in Biomedical Imaging 
• Multiscale Devices and BioMEMS for Biomedical Imaging 
• Musculoskeletal Biomechanics 
• Multiscale Analysis in Biomechanics 
• Neuromuscular Biomechanics 
• Numerical Methods for Living Tissues 
• Numerical Simulation 
• Software Development on Computational Vision and Biomechanics 
• Sport Biomechanics 
• Virtual Reality in Biomechanics 
• Vision Systems 
•Image-based Geometric Modeling and Mesh Generation 
• Digital Geometry Algorithms for Computational Vision and Visualization 
In order to match the scope of the Book Series, each book has to include contents relating, or combining both Image Analysis and mechanics. 

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  • João Manuel R. S. Tavares,
  • Renato Natal Jorge

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