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"Theory and Applications of Natural Language Processing" is a series of volumes dedicated to selected topics in NLP and Language Technology. It focuses on the most recent advances in all areas of computational modeling as well as processing of speech and text across languages and domains. Due to the rapid pace of development, the diversity of approaches and application scenarios are scattered in an ever-growing mass of conference proceedings, making entry into the field difficult for both students and potential users. Volumes in the series facilitate this first step and can be used as a teaching aid, advanced-level information resource or a point of reference.

The series encourages the submission of research monographs, contributed volumes and surveys, lecture notes and textbooks covering research frontiers on all relevant topics, offering a platform for the rapid publication of cutting-edge research as well as for comprehensive monographs that cover the full range of research on specific problem areas.

The topics include applications of NLP techniques to gain insights into the use and functioning of language, as well as the use of language technology in applications that enable communication, knowledge management and discovery such as natural language generation, information retrieval, question-answering, machine translation, localization and related fields.

The books are available in printed and electronic (e-book) form: * Downloadable on your PC, e-reader or iPad * Enhanced by Electronic Supplementary Material, such as algorithms, demonstrations, software, images and videos * Available online within an extensive network of academic and corporate R&D libraries worldwide * Never out of print thanks to innovative print-on-demand services * Competitively priced print editions for eBook customers thanks to MyCopy service http://www.springer.com/librarians/e-content/mycopy

Book proposals for this series may be submitted to: Jolanda Voogd, e-mail: Jolanda.Voogd@springer.com
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  • Julia Hirschberg,
  • Eduard Hovy,
  • Mark Johnson

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