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Driven by societal needs and challenges, fast development of LED and semiconductors technologies, lighting is going through a radical transformation. This transformation is characterized by continuous and aggressive efficacy increase and cost reduction to replace traditional light sources by LED; revolution of forms and fixtures; seamless integration of LED light sources with semiconductors to create digitalized and smart lighting systems and solutions; emerging of “more than Illumination” functions and applications by using LED for healthcare and wellbeing, horticulture and food, communication, safety and security, etc. The success of this lighting transformation depends on not only the industry and market development, but also the creation and exploitation of new fundamental knowledge and talent development. This book series is the concerted action of global experts from industry and academia. It aims to provide the state-of-the-art fundamental theory and knowledge, the latest technology development, best industrial practices and guidance for academic research, technology and industrial development. It will cover all aspects of development of SSL, such as materials, device technologies, packaging and modules, luminaries & systems, thermal management, testing, reliability, total life time management, equipment, power management, sensors, communication and control, design and architecture, and other newly emerged scientific domains.
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  • Guo Qi Zhang

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