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Networks have become the focus of intense interdisciplinary research. There is a growing consensus that social, economic and engineered networks are naturally coupled and that their joint study, using the tools of complexity science, holds great transformative potential. Around the globe, scholars of many backgrounds are finding they have common interests in understanding, manipulating, and exploiting the properties of networks. The objects of study by this scientific movement are network depictions of multiagent systems characterized by complex interactions occurring over space and time. The networks studied include transportation, electric power, water distribution and telecommunications grids; disease transmission, terrorism and social networks; ecological networks; economic and financial transaction networks; and the Internet. In response to such network-oriented scholarly inquiry, a new book series entitled Complex Networks and Dynamic Systems has been launched to help propel as well as document the huge pulse of social, economic and engineering network research that is now underway. As such the series is intended to be of interest to economists, geographers, regional scientists, civil engineers, city planners, industrial engineers, operations researchers, and financial engineers. High quality original research monographs, as well as conference proceedings and primers, are now being actively considered for publication. Potential authors and proceedings editors are encouraged to contact the Series Editor, Professor T. L. Friesz (tfriesz@psu.edu).
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