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New & Forthcoming Titles | Springer Series on International Aging ( Miscellaneous)

International Perspectives on Aging

International Perspectives on Aging

Series Editors: Powell, Jason L., Chen, Sheying

ISSN: 2197-5841

Call for Proposals

This book series on International Perspectives on Aging puts the spotlight on international and comparative studies of aging. In particular, the series seeks commissioned books to examine the underlying assumptions about aging and how processes of nation state and global forces are affecting them in the international arena. As well as specific country case studies, there is a valuable opportunity for comparative analysis of countries in the Americas, Asia, Africa, Australia, and Europe.
Books commissioned for the series should seek to encourage debate about the implications of the most pressing health, social welfare, economic, and other issues related to aging in various countries across the world. The book series is one of the first to attempt to bring together a truly international dimension to understanding diverse topics on aging drawn and grounded from diverse countries across all continents.
The book series has commissioned the following titles with both broad and focused themes that will attract a wide audience:
  • Aging in Comparative Perspective: Processes and Policies, Ian Gillespie Cook, Ph.D., Liverpool John Moores University; Jamie Halsall, Ph.D., Huddersfield University
  • Aging in China: Implications for Social Policy of a Changing Economic State, edited by Sheying Chen, Ph.D., Pace University; Jason Powell, Ph.D., University of Liverpool
  • Aging and Health Care in Britain, Christina R. Victor, Ph.D., Brunel University
  • Aging in Hong Kong: A Comparative Perspective, edited by Jean Woo, M.D., Hong Kong University
  • Aging in European Societies, edited by Constantinos Phellas, Ph.D., University of Nicosia
  • Technology for Active Aging, edited by Andrew Sixsmith, Ph.D., Simon Fraser University; Gloria Gutman, Ph.D., Simon Fraser University
  • Aging and Health in Africa, edited by Pranitha Maharaj, Ph.D., University of KwaZulu-Natal
If you are interested in filling a gap in coverage, providing a focus on a certain area, or contributing a new perspective or approach, we would be delighted to receive a book proposal from you. The book proposal must be two sides of A4 which should include a description of topic, Table of Contents, unique or special features, one or two competing titles, anticipated completion date, and CV with brief biography. These should be sent on email attachment to the Series Editors Professor Sheying Chen (sheyingchen@yahoo.com) or Dr. Jason L. Powell (jasonpwll3@gmail.com).