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Parasitology Research Monographs

Parasitology Research Monographs

Series Ed.: Mehlhorn, Heinz

ISSN: 2192-3671

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This book series “Parasitology Research Monographs” presents carefully refereed volumes on selected parasitological topics.
Parasites have an increasing impact on animal and human health in the present times of globalization and global warming. Parasites may be agents of diseases and- often at the same time- vectors of other agents of disease such as viruses, bacteria, fungi, protozoa and/or worms.

The growth in knowledge of parasitic physiology, cell structure, biotechnological and genetic approaches, ecology, therapeutic capabilities, vaccination, immunology, diagnosis, transmission pathways and many other aspects of parasitology is increasing dramatically, even in the face of the breakthroughs that have already been made.

Reflecting these most recent achievements and the importance of parasites as a threat to human and animal health, the series’ broad scope concentrates on particularly hot topics that were recently covered by review articles in the journal “Parasitology Research” or in other journals. These reviews offer compact but intense insights into the ongoing research and into the methods and technologies used to control parasites.
The volumes in the series build on these topics, and the volume editors are well-known experts in their respective fields. Each volume offers 10 to 20 comprehensive reviews covering all relevant aspects of the topic in focus.

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