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Advances in Business Ethics Research: A Journal of Business Ethics Book Series is intended to extend the Special Issue tradition to attract collections of manuscripts arising from an interdisciplinary approach that will push forward the current frontiers of business ethics. The series will welcome proposals that have a fairly specific focus on problems or projects that will lead to innovative research charting the course for new developments for corporate and individual actors in mixed market economies. In broad strokes manuscripts for this series may be located in the fields of accounting, finance, business law, case studies, codes of ethics, corporate governance, sustainability, corporate social responsibility (or corporate responsibility), labor relations, international management, leadership, marketing, consumer behavior, philosophical foundations, small business, entrepreneurship, social enterprise, teaching business ethics, and values-based management.


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  1. Accounting for the Public Interest

    Perspectives on Accountability, Professionalism and Role in Society

    • Steven Mintz
    • Copyright: 2014

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