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Studies in Morphology

Studies in Morphology

Series Editors: Albright, A., Bonami, O., Booij, G., Luís, A.R., Plag, I.

ISSN: 2214-0042

Studies in Morphology is the companion bookseries to the journal Morphology.
Studies in Morphology publishes high quality volumes that contribute to the further articulation of morphological theory and linguistic theory in general. The emphasis is on studies in which relevant empirical evidence for theoretical claims is provided by in-depth analyses of specific languages or by comparative, cross-linguistic analyses of the relevant facts. The sources of data can be grammatical descriptions, corpora of data concerning language use and other naturalistic data, and experiments.
Studies in Morphology publishes volumes on

•morphology proper

•the interaction of morphology with phonology, syntax, and semantics

•the acquisition and processing of morphological information

•the nature of the mental lexicon

•morphological variation and change

•formal models of morphological knowledge

•morphological typology (the range and limits of variation in natural languages)

•the position of morphology in the architecture of the human language faculty

•the evolution and change of language

•acquisition of morphological knowledge and its role in language processing

•computational morphology

•neurolinguistic approaches to morphology

The editors welcome proposals on monographs and edited volumes. 

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