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Advances in Neurobiology covers basic research in neurobiology and neurochemistry. It provides in-depth, book-length treatment of some of the most important topics in neuroscience including molecular and pharmacological aspects. The main audiences of the series are basic science researchers and graduate students as well as clinicians including neuroscientists (neurobiologists and neurochemists) and neurologists. Advances in Neurobiology is indexed in PubMed, Google Scholar, and the Thompson Reuters Book Citation Index.


Alexej Verkhratsky

University of Manchester


 Editorial Board Members

Marta Antonelli, University of Buenos Aires, Argentina

Michael Aschner, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, New York

Philip Beart, University of Melbourne, Australia

Stanislaw Jerzy Czuczwar, Medical University of Lublin, Poland

Ralf Dringen, University of Bremen, Germany

Mary C. McKenna, University of Maryland, Baltimore

Arturo Ortega, National Polytechnic Institute, Mexico City, Mexico

Vladimir Parpura, University of Alabama, Birmingham

Caroline Rae, Neuroscience Research Australia, Sydney

Ursula Sonnewald, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim

H. Steve White, University of Washington, Seattle

Albert Yu, Peking University, China

David Aidong Yuan, Nathan S. Klein Institute for Psychiatric Research, Orangeburg

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Series Editor
  • Alexej Verkhratsky

Book titles in this series

  1. Systems Neuroscience

    • Albert Cheung-Hoi Yu
    • Kai Gao
    • Jiangshan Zhan
    • Copyright: 2024

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    • Hard cover
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  2. Traumatic Brain Injuries

    Navigating the Unique Terrain of the Injured Young and Aged Brains

    • Linda J. Noble-Haeusslein
    • David Schnyer
    • Copyright: 2024

    Available Renditions

    • Hard cover
    • eBook
  3. Microglia

    Physiology, Pathophysiology and Therapeutic Potential

    • Marie-Ève Tremblay
    • Alexei Verkhratsky
    • Copyright: 2024

    Available Renditions

    • Hard cover
    • eBook

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