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Ecological Studies

Ecological Studies

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Series Editors: Caldwell, M.M., Canadell, P., Díaz, S., Heldmaier, G., Jackson, R.B., Levia, D.F., Schulze, E.-D., Sommer, U., Wardle, D.

ISSN: 0070-8356

17 September 2010

Springer editor awarded Volvo Environment Prize

Harold Mooney honored for his research in biological diversity and ecosystem services

Harold Mooney
Springer editor Harold A. Mooney has been named the recipient of the 2010 Volvo Environment Prize. The citation says, in part, “Mooney is a leading voice in the biology of global change, and has been widely recognized for scientific excellence and outstanding accomplishment. He has championed the idea that biodiversity is a key piece in ecosystem functioning.” Harold Mooney will receive the prize in Stockholm on 4 November 2010.
Harold Mooney is a professor of environmental biology at Stanford University in California, USA, and senior fellow of the Institute for International Studies at Stanford. He is frequently quoted as a leading researcher in ecology and environmental sciences. At Springer he is one of the editors of the book series Ecological Studies. He is also co-editor of the books Biodiversity and Ecosystem Function and Methods in Ecosystem Science.
Mooney has been widely recognized for scientific excellence and outstanding accomplishment both in his own country and abroad. In addition to his highly respected science, Hal Mooney is also well known for his impressive efforts and international leadership roles in bridging science and policy on issues of biodiversity, global environmental change and sustainability.
The Volvo Environment Prize is an annual award given to people for outstanding scientific discoveries or inventions within the area of environment and sustainable development. The prize consists of a diploma, a glass sculpture and a cash sum of SEK 1.5 million (approx. EURO 150,000 or USD 200,000). Since the first award, there have been 37 winners, among them many famous names, including three Nobel Prize winners.
Photo by: Linda A. Cicero / Stanford News Service

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